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Unique Oak Products

We create unique oak products, ideal gifts and the perfect presents. As our stock contines to change so do our products. Get in touch and see what we can create for you.
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Oak Handrails

Oak Hand Rail
Handrail handmade
Hand rail fittings
Traditional Rustic Oak Rail
This year we have extended our products to our cottage oak handrails. They have proven to be very popular, look great and certainly add a lot of character to any staircase!

Our Oak handrails come in lengths of 8ft and are supplied with cast iron brackets.The pictured handmade handrails have been heavily worked and sanded smooth to touch. It has then been finished with Danish oil to bring out the grain and polished with wax

You can always opt for a dark oak finish or even a lightly finished piece of unique oak. Prices start at £175.00 with delivery included.
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